About Us

Started to work in 1997, DENIZ PLASTIK CO. LTD. has taken its place today in the plastics industry thanks to the steps it has taken since its establishment and the conscious leaps it has made.

DENIZ PLASTIK has become a pioneer in plastic sector with its production and sales policy aimed at customer satisfaction. Our company, which serves its customers with its high production capacity and modern facility, aims to carry the same growth quality and services to the next years. With new investments, it has made it a goal to reflect modern technology to its productions and meets the increasing demands of our customers as quickly as possible with fast and high quality production.

The basic principle in DENIZ PLASTIK is quality production. Our goal is to work with zero mistake, to make the best and highest quality products in the shortest time. DENIZ PLASTIK has become an important power in the sector with the quality production we provide. Our company continues its activities with an indoor production area capacity of 13.000 m2 within an area of ​​23.000 m2 and tries to deliver the best and most reliable service to you, our valued customers, effectively.

Our Vision

DENIZ PLASTIK maintains its goal of being perfect to maintain its leading position in the packaging industry. This has been accomplished with the love of working, which is born out of the synergy of DENIZ PLASTIK customers, suppliers, professional human resources, management team with an innovative approach.

DENIZ PLASTIK, which constantly improves its service and quality standards, continues its activities with market leadership that meets the high standards in the packaging industry.

Our Mission

Maintaining its excitement on the first day, DENIZ PLASTIK, which continues its activities with the vision of adding value to its customers as a dynamic, constantly developing, stable and permanent brand, aims to achieve its goals and objectives, by constantly improving its products and services, by following the technology and by continuously improving its products and services.